Happy Bird Poultry Farm  • Isle La Motte, VT
Started as a passion project and devoted to happy and healthy chickens, Happy Bird is now a USDA Certified farm where chickens are raised humanely and without antibiotics and are free to roam the farm!
LaPlatte River Angus Farm - Vermont
A family farm that has been specializing in high quality well-marbled beef since 1973. Their animals are fed sudan grass and a mix of rotational crops without chemicals.
Amlaw Family Farm • New Hampshire
The Amlaw Farm is devoted to raising the highest quality all natural pork and lamb using sustainable practices. 
Haystack Farmstead • Pawlet, Vermont
Haystack Farmstead CSA is owned and operated by Brian and Breya Leach. Their mission is to build a thriving local economy based on people taking care of their land, animals and each other.  Pasture-based husbandry is a simple approach to raising cattle: Put the animals in a situation where they can thrive and be healthy. No supplements, no antibiotic feeds, just grass and clean air.
Maine Family Farms
A collection of several small family farms working together to deliver a high quality product that meets our standard of excellence.