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Local Meats – Healthy and Delicious

We source from local farms, in Vermont and the surrounding area, that feed their animals what nature intended, and give them plenty of clean water and fresh air.


healthy organic meat

Our butcher customers are learning that environmentally friendly and ethical meat choices – like grass-fed beef, heritage pork, and humanely-raised chicken – are healthier and better tasting. Animals that eat naturally occurring, nutrient rich foods, and are treated well during their lives, are more flavorful than industrial meats from the supermarket.


vermont butcher services

Our professional butchers hand-cut meat to your specifications, and give expert advice on how to best prepare it. We encourage our customers to ask “What would you cook tonight?” The answer might just open doors to less familiar cuts that will energize your cooking, excite the taste buds, and be an enjoyable new experience for your family and guests.

Grass-Fed Beef

vermont grass fed beef

Our beef is delicious. Plus, it’s better for the animals, the environment, and you. Make the switch from supermarket to local, grass-fed beef.

Heritage Pork

vermont pork

Our pork comes from healthy and naturally-raised animals. Local Heritage pork has a depth of flavor you just won’t find at the supermarket.

All-Natural Chicken

vermont fresh chicken

We only have great-tasting premium chicken. Fresh air and water, no antibiotics, and air cooling means a more flavorful and healthy chicken.

Vermont Bacon & Sausage

vermont bacon and sausage

It tastes so good! The bacon is smoked and cured; the sausages seasoned, stuffed and linked; all right here in Vermont.

Pasture-Raised Lamb

vermont pasture raised lamb

Our local lamb is superior (imported lamb, and that weird aftertaste, ruined it for many of us). Our lamb is mild, tender and tastes absolutely delightful.

Locally Raised Veal

vermont pasture raised veal

Taste veal that is creamy, tender and delicious. Turns out that calves treated humanely result in a much tastier and healthier meat.

Seasonal Specialties

seasonal specialty meats

If you don’t hunt, or just missed your target, get your game meat here. We can suggest some special recipes too. Call ahead for availability.

Local & Imported Charcuterie

vermont charcuterie

Ready to move beyond cheese at your next dinner party? Our hand-crafted, cured premium meats are a delicious “hello” for your guests.

The Vermont Butcher Shop is the leading proprietor of “honest” meats and victuals from the Green Mountain State and the Northeast. Eat Smart... and Delicious.

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