We believe in eating healthier and smarter; and respecting the animals that provide us sustenance.


Why become a butcher?

March 21,2017

To us, it’s simple. We want to show the world where great tasting meat comes from, how it’s raised, and why it’s so delicious. We believe consumers have forgotten how to trust the people who provide them with food and we think you’re entitled to all the information required to make a fully informed decision! Having you, the customer, be part of the process, is key. We want you to know where the meat comes from, and we want to help you decide how you’d like it cut. We’ll also provide expert advice as to how best to prepare your selection. As Vermont’s only whole animal butcher, we’re able to offer a variety of cuts you’ll never seen in a grocery store and options to suit your specific taste. Forget having to blindly choose something that says “Great on the grill!” or “Managers special.” You won’t find that generic pitch here.

There’s a certain level of quality that can only be obtained through local sourcing of Vermont (and New England’s) finest farms and local producers. The very name “Vermont” holds a mystique of quality, purity, and honesty. Every time you leave our shops with something for dinner, you can feel good about the fact that you have helped sustain local hard-working farms and supported humane practices. That doesn’t mean your options are limited. Pastured raised pork, local air chilled chicken, spring lamb, 100% full blooded Wagyu, and Grass-fed beef are just some of the great products are region can bring to your table. In a time when gluten is something to be afraid of, chia seeds will save your life, and bodily cleanses will make you immortal, we think it’s all about doing things like they were always done. As the adage goes, eat like your grandmother did; simple, healthy food, without barcodes or additives. The less we do, the more you benefit.

While the trade of butchery takes years to master and requires a certain reverence for the art, we’re always improving our skills and our desire to serve you a product that speaks loudly for itself. We are here because we want to be your neighborhood butcher. We recognize the value of first names and regular orders. We believe in the value of handling everything in house so that it’s guaranteed to be the best quality for you and your family. Next time you find yourself staring at the shelves of styrofoam in your grocery store, know that there is a better option. Come see us! We will show you what it’s like to know where your food comes from and you’ll be able to see and taste the difference.


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