We believe in eating healthier and smarter; and respecting the animals that provide us sustenance.


A Story for Father's Day

June 17,2017

Father’s Day is all about showing some extra love to the man who’s mentored you through life. After a day of celebrating, you’ll probably gather around the grill like so many families. Maybe you’ll even surprise dad with a thick juicy steak, reconfirming he’s KING for the day!


Art of the Sausage

June 01,2017

For us, there are three big seasons: summer, fall, and Winter. Each provides a new range of products and an opportunity for us to get creative behind the counter. As great as a flaky, hearty pot roast can be, it’s not the most satisfying meal after a hot summer day spent hiking or fishing, even up here in the mountains. So, we change up our offerings to reflect things that we think might be more fun, of the season and as always, delicious.