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Rose Veal

Delicious, tender and healthy.

pasture raised veal

Rose Veal is raised humanely and naturally, resulting in a more tender, creamy and healthier meat. The calf spends it’s time by mother’s side, eating natural grasses in the pasture. This traditional method of raising calves gives the meat its natural rose hue, hence the name Rose Veal.

Veal Cuts

There are five major sections of the veal calf.

veal chuck

Veal Chuck: The shoulder section yields the least expensive cuts. It is often cubed for stewing but can also be cut into chops. This meat tends to be less tender.

veal shank

Veal Fore Shank: The fore shank meat is tough and is best cooked with a long and slow moist cooking method. A popular preparation for the shank is the Italian favorite Osso Bucco.

veal rack

Veal Rack: Meat from the rib section is tender and most often cut into rib chops (bone-in or boneless), which are great broiled, grilled, or pan-fried.

veal loin

Veal Loin: This is the tenderest part of the veal, and is cut into loin and sirloin chops. Grilling and roasting add flavor to the delicate veal and cooks it quickly before it can dry out.

veal leg

Veal Leg: The leg is most popular as the source of cutlets and scallops. They are flexible enough to use either dry or moist methods like braising or panfrying.

Humanely-raised, local veal that tastes so much better than the industrial variety. So tender, delicious, and better for you. It's time to cook some Vermont veal.

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