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Pineland Farms Natural Beef

Great tasting, high quality, naturally raised beef from farming families.

vermont beef

Pineland Farms Natural Beef utilizes the most stringent protocols for producing natural beef in the industry, resulting in the highest quality and best tasting beef on the market. From its humble beginnings on the rocky coast of Maine to its present day representation of over 200+ farming families, Pineland Farms Natural Meats continues to maintain the same missions and goals: to strengthen family farms across the country, to raise cattle with dignity and integrity, and to ensure the highest quality beef makes it to your table. Pineland Farms Food Group’s roots trace back to the first organic/alternative beef operation in the country.

Pineland Farms Natural Meats encompasses a cooperative production approach, working hand-in-hand with over 250 farms in the Northeastern United States. Production practices never allow the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones or animal by-products in feed.

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