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Pasture Raised Lamb

Local lamb that is as healthy as it is delicious.

vermont pasture lamb

Our lamb is absolutely delicious, especially because it’s not the imported cuts with the weird aftertaste that you get in the supermarket. Our local lamb is raised on pastures, where the animals feed naturally on grasses, allowing the sheep to benefit from the plants' nutrients. When sheep are fed grain, they typically gain weight but are not getting the proper nutrients. When lambs eat pasture, their fat contains Omega 3 fatty acids. These are considered "healthy" fats that are easily metabolized. When lambs eat a lot of grain, their fat contains Omega 6 fatty acids – the fats that clog your arteries and are associated with heart disease.

Lamb Cuts

There are five major primal cuts: Shoulder, loin, rack, shank (fore and hind) and breast.

lamb shoulder

Lamb Shoulder: A less expensive lamb chop than that from the loin, the shoulder chop shines in a slow, moist braise, which melts the fat and softens the tissue.

lamb loin

Lamb Loin: This is a tender and more expensive meat than the shoulder. Usually made into chops, it's like a tiny T-bone steak. Loin chops are great on the grill or under the broiler.

lamb rack

Lamb Ribs: The most prized and expensive part of the lamb. Made into rack of lamb, rib chops, or even riblets, your mouth should be watering just reading this.

lamb foreshank

Lamb Shank: Needs long and slow cooking to get the meat beautifully tender and to pull out all their rich flavor. Hindshanks are larger and meatier than the foreshanks.

lamb leg

Leg of Lamb: is the classic lamb roast. The whole leg is made up of the shank and the sirloin, and can be roasted bone-in. You can also have it de-boned and butterflied, or stuff it and roll it before you roast or grill it. Sirloin chops can be cut from the leg and are tender and meaty enough to broil or grill.

Forget the imported supermarket lamb meat and that weird aftertaste. Our local, flavorful and healthier pasture-raised lamb is superior in every way.

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