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Farm Fresh Chicken

Fresh, flavorful and antibiotic free.

vermont chicken

Our chicken is simply the best tasting, naturally-raised chicken you can find. Raised on an all vegetarian diet of corn, soy beans, vitamins and minerals, they and are given plenty of fresh air and fresh water and no antibiotics are ever used. Our chickens are hand-inspected, and we only get the best of the best. We never freeze our chickens, but instead prefer an air cooling process. 

Farm Fresh Chicken Cuts

Here is a closer look at the different parts of a chicken.

whole chicken

Whole Chickens: Whole Chickens are the most economical way to get a variety of meals for the week. Our butchers can hand-cut them up for you.

half chicken

Half Chickens: The bird is split from front to back through the backbone and keel to produce 2 halves of approximately equal weight.

chicken breast quarters

Breast Quarters: Halves may quartered, which include the wing. A breast quarter, including portions of the back, is all white meat.

split chicken breast

Split Breast: A breast quarter with the wing removed.

split breast chicken

Split Breast without Back: A breast quarter with wing and back portion removed.

boneless skinless chicken breast

Boneless, Skinless Breast: Split breast that has been skinned and deboned.

8 piece chicken cut

8-Piece Cut: The whole bird is cut into 2 breast halves with ribs and back portion, 2 wings, 2 thighs with back portion and 2 drumsticks.

whole chicken wing

Whole Chicken Wing: The Whole Chicken Wing is an all white meat portion composed of three sections; the drumette, mid-section and tip.

wing drummettes

Wing Drummettes: The first section between the shoulder and the elbow.

wing mid section with tip

Wing Mid Section with Tip: The flat center section and the flipper (wing tip).

wing mid section

Wing Mid Section: The section between the elbow and the tip, sometimes called the wing flat or mid-joint.

whole chicken leg

Whole Chicken Leg: The Whole Chicken Leg is the drumstick-thigh combination. The whole leg differs from the leg quarter in that id does not contain a portion of the back.

boneless skinless leg

Boneless, Skinless Leg: Whole chicken leg with skin and bone removed.

chicken thigh

Thigh: The thigh is the portion of the leg above the knee joint.

boneless skinless thigh

Boneless, Skinless Thigh: Thigh with skin and bone removed.

chicken drumsticks

Drumsticks: Drumsticks include the lower portion of the leg quarter (the portion between the knee joint and the hock).

chicken giblets

Giblets: Includes heart, liver and neck.

Chicken raised in a naturally healthy environment never need antibiotics to chase away disease. The result? A tastier and healthier chicken that's better for you.

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