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Vermont Bacon and Sausage

Delicious handcut bacon and freshly made sausage.

bacon and sausage


Bacon never tasted this good. Ours comes from locally-raised Heritage Pork, hickory-smoked and cured. We hand-slice your bacon to order. You might want to try it thick-sliced, serving it for lunch or dinner with a knife and fork, just like steak

slicing bacon

House-made Nitrate-free Bacon: Our bacon has no nitrates, no antibiotics, and no hormones. Does it get any better? Fresh pork belly, seasoned with salt and brown sugar, hickory smoked, and glazed with maple syrup and cider vinegar.

sliced bacon

Green Mountain Smokehouse Bacon: Locally made in Windsor, VT, this bacon is not too smoky and has a sweet maple flavor, Green Mountain bacon is good for breakfast but especially good when packed into a BLT.


If variety is the spice of life, than our wide variety of sausages will spice up yours! Our American Sage and Vermont Maple are great for breakfast and we've got many flavorful choices for lunch and dinner too.

House-made Sausage: Our Sausage is ground, seasoned, stuffed an linked by hand right here in Vermont.

Buffalo Blue Cheese: We use only hormone-free, non-antibiotic, free range chicken. This sausage comes to life after being mixed with our house-made Sriracha Buffalo Sauce and Plymouth Artisan Cheese Blue Cheese. Great for dinner, lunch, or any gathering!

Merguez: A North African classic, this spicy sausage is a blend of lamb and pork seasoned with pimenton, fresh garlic, oregano and red wine.  Traditionally stuffed into sheep casing, we use hog casing to make this sausage a great addition to any meal period. Merguez is particularly good on the grill, cooked into pasta, or simply seared on the stove.

Chorizo: This classic Mexican Sausage is fresh unlike its Spanish style dry cured counterpart. Pork and beef supply the base for flavors of pimento, garlic, and cumin. Chipotle Peppers and Ancho Chili round out the flavor profile adding a sweet, spicy, and smoky element to the palate. Try it with eggs in the morning, in tacos, or added to a variety of other dishes.

Maple Breakfast: A quintessential Classic! Here in Vermont, maple syrup is good on everything but it's a classic for breakfast everywhere. This all pork sausage combines Pure Vermont Maple Syrup with other warming flavors such as garlic, thyme and cinnamon to create a sausage that will pair well with any breakfast dish.

Jagerwurst: We put our own unique twist on this classic German favorite. Traditionally this sausage would be smoked and fully cooked for hunters. We decided to take a different approach–We infused it with bacon for that smoky flavor, while also adding mustard, coriander, garlic and ginger. Yes, it’s bacon inside of a sausage. What’s wrong with that?/p>

Serve it once and you'll never go back to packaged breakfast meats. Our local, Heritage bacon and sausage is simply mouth-watering, and healthier too.

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