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A Variety of Charcuterie

True food craftsmanship that looks beautiful and tastes great.

charcuterie butcher

Charcuterie was invented as a way to preserve meat before refrigeration. Today, it is a culinary specialty that turns our shop’s natural meats into works of flavorful art.

Types of Charcuterie

Here is a guide to some of the charcuterie that could be on your next appetizer plate. Note: Availability at our Charcuterie Chef’s discretion.

prosciutto butcher

Prosciutto: The most famous Italian charcuterie… salted and air-dried ham.

bresaola butcher

Bresaola: Essentially this is Prosciutto made with beef. An interesting and wonderful alternative.

soppressata butcher

Soppressata: An Italian dry, pork salami that is made up of coarsely ground meat.

saucisson butcher

Saucisson: The French Soppressata. The French spice it differently and add smoked paprika.

speck butcher

Speck: The German version of Capicola. Salt cured, but then smoked.

chorizo butcher

Chorizo: A Spanish hard pork sausage with heavy amounts of smoked paprika in the spice mix.

pancetta butcher

Pancetta: Italian cured pork belly meat made with salt and sweet and savory spices. Some refer to it as Italian bacon. The two most common types of pancetta are arrotolata and tesa.

pate butcher

Pate: The finely-ground, smooth and spreadable pate is either chicken or duck liver. The more rustic version is ground meat.

Add depth and variety to your next cheese platter, or prepare a charcuterie-only presentation for your guests to enjoy. 

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